Tana NZ Worker


Comprehensive induction of all staff and subcontractors. New staff sign a code of conduct and are issued quality PPE gear.

Training Provided

At Tana Scaffolding Ltd we view our staff as our biggest asset. It is important to us that all our staff progress through the business and up skill on a regular basis. We review each individuals goals and personal achievements and schedule in appropriate training to achieve these. By investing in our staff we view and value this at the highest level. Safety is paramount. Regular training is increasingly important. Tana Scaffolding Ltd is all about “Resourcing our Future”.

Daily Health & Safety Management

At Tana Scaffolding Ltd we have a very comprehensive Health and Safety system which staff adhere to each day. We have our on site Task Analysis with step by step risk and controls, and our daily pre-start meeting with all staff on site prior to starting any work at all. When completed, all staff and senior staff sign onto this Task Analysis or Daily Pre-Start which makes everyone aware of there working environment and the hazards associated at the given time. If, and when these change. The staff review and revisit the step by step approach. Tana Scaffolding Ltd have a Health and Safety Manager whom regularly holds these meetings on sites and reviews their step by step procedures.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Regular drug and alcohol testing is carried out as per our Company Drug and Alcohol Policy.


In any situation where any staff member requires rehabilitation/Counselling. Tana Scaffolding Ltd will help support any staff member to ensure he/she gets the right support to ensure they have a safe and early return to work.